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Oct 27th, 2019 Comments Off on Your Wi-Fi Enables Devices Are Vulnerable To Hackers

Your Wi-Fi Enables Devices Are Vulnerable To Hackers

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Consumers prefer to purchase products online because it is more convenient and efficient. In 2009, consumers started to buy Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and front door cameras that now belong to the Internet of Things.

According to computer scientist Ang Cui, these devices still carry the usernames and passwords programmed on them at the factories. “Name” is usually the username and “1234” is the password. Many of the codes have been widely published in manuals that are available on the internet for free. The codes can easily be scanned with computer programs eliminating the need for guesswork.

Cui found out that there are more than one million publicly accessible devices in 144 countries. According to Cui’s estimates, about 13% of all the devices that are connected to the internet are vulnerable and waiting for hackers. Even more alarming is the fact that 96% of the devices have security holes and highly attractive targets for exploitation.

The number of connected devices has increased sevenfold because of greater demand and the hype for smart devices. Manufacturers are embedding every ordinary object with tiny computers that can communicate wirelessly across the world. Virtually any device can be controlled remotely through a mobile phone or voice sensor.

The wireless revolution means convenience but the danger goes beyond hacking. What will happen if the tiny computer inside the oven toaster or security cameras turns against the owner? The possibilities of mischief seem endless particularly since many manufacturers lack the technical expertise to built airtight security systems.

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