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Dec 10th, 2019 Comments Off on Will The World See Two Distinct Internets In The Future?

Will The World See Two Distinct Internets In The Future?

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The internet has literally changed the way that people make decisions. Before purchasing a product or service, a consumer usually goes online to read reviews. Before a tech talent submits an application to a digital agency, he reads King Kong reviews from past and present employees. A person planning for a holiday will likely visit Trip Advisor for travel-related content.

However, with the contest between the United States and China for supremacy in trade, technology, defence and soft power, it is not surprising for experts to speculate on two distinct internets for the future – one lead by China and other led by the US.

This point was made last year when an economist asked Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt about the potential of internet fragmenting into different sub-internets with different regulations. According to Schmidt, the most likely scenario will be bifurcation into a Chinese-led internet and a non-Chinese internet that will be led by the US.

The bifurcation is already happening because of the Great Firewall of China that censors content within its digital borders. Chinese users have no access to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox or Pinterest including other popular sites. Tech companies cannot fully operate in the way they want and they cannot share online information freely.

Censorship prevents most international businesses to expand into China which is one of the most attractive marketplaces in the world. One example is Apple whose services and products are available in China. When China asked Apple to remove the New York Times app and Skype app from the app store in 2017, the tech firm had no choice but comply.

Google has also tried to introduce its own brand of search engine but it was met with intense criticism. The search results you see in Google are different from what people in China sees in the Chinese-only Google. Meanwhile, Amazon has closed its stores in China due to poor sales.

It is common for digital agencies to use job sites to post their vacant position. In order to encourage tech talents to join the team, employees often post King Kong reviews that provide an insight to the digital agency’s work culture and opportunities for career growth.

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