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Apr 5th, 2017 Comments Off on Will Cord Cutting Eventually Hurt The Internet?

Will Cord Cutting Eventually Hurt The Internet?

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Recently, a couple of opinion pieces said that cord cutting can be a threat to the internet. Cord cutting refers to the pattern of cancelling subscriptions to cable and satellite TV in favour of streaming services like Netflix. If the cord cutting pattern continues, people will demand more internet bandwidth which the infrastructures will not be able to provide.

According to Shira Ovide of Bloomberg Views, cord cutting can be a crucial issue because traditionally cable and telecom companies who are responsible for internet networks are known for their failure to make infrastructure investments because they do not get enough financial returns. The hopes that new mobile technology will be able to replace broadband are not actually very realistic.

The best hopes that can be made for internet infrastructure are online video watching. However, this habit of the millennial population is expected to increase gradually and steadily instead of a surge in the coming years. If it becomes a surge, expect the internet to have a meltdown.

A similar conclusion is also provided by Jennifer Walpole of American Genius. Is there a need for people to deactivate their Netflix accounts and stop from streaming their favourite shows? There is no need but if people will cut ties with their providers, there might not be enough bandwidth for everyone. The concerns over cord cutting seem reasonable but it won’t certainly save you money. Will cord cutting ruin television? It definitely has not happened.

In reality, the increase in internet traffic is still reasonable because internet providers have kept pace with the needs. The average speed of the internet in the US has tripled from 2011 to 2014. According to Speedtest reports in June 2016, download speed increased by 42% year-over-year. However, the increase in internet speeds will not be feasible unless supported by more internet infrastructure.

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