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Mar 4th, 2020 Comments Off on Why Redundancy Is Important To Support Internet’s Underwater Cable System

Why Redundancy Is Important To Support Internet’s Underwater Cable System

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Contrary to what many believe, the internet is not a cloud of data that is hanging in the air but a complex system of underwater and underground cables that are supplemented in some regions by satellite links. There are at least 380 cables under the sea running 750,000 miles across the oceanic floor and carrying more than 99.5% of all transoceanic data.

Fibre optic wires connect enormous data centers that support cloud behemoths like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. However, in spite of the new wave of cable initiatives, entire countries can experience a blackout if a single cable is damaged or snapped.

Cables are run through areas in the deep ocean to reduce the possibilities of damage but the deep sea has a harsh environment. Cables that have been laid at extreme depth can be extremely challenging to access when they require repairs. According to Telegeography research, there are more than 100 cable breaks every year but they are unnoticed in developed regions because of extreme redundancies.

In developed regions in the West and Asia, internet access is often assumed as constant. A moment of downtime is met with anger and frustration. In other parts of the world, internet connections are intermittent and unreliable and often non-existent. The infrastructure that is keeping people online is more fragile than expected but cannot be considered as a major threat. Satellites are a viable option to provide redundancy in some regions that are only supported by underwater cables.

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