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Jun 13th, 2019 Comments Off on Why Internet-Connected Devices Can Be Scary

Why Internet-Connected Devices Can Be Scary

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Most homeowners will call the Geebung locksmith when they forgot the key to their door. However, can locksmiths open internet-connected smart locks? Last Sunday, people all over the US and Europe were locked out of homes and buildings because of an outage in Google Cloud services. Air conditioning units were also disabled and people have to suffer the summer heat.

Google-owned Nest provides people with internet-linked devices to remotely control their thermostats, air conditioning, door locks and baby monitor. Last Sunday, Nest users were not able to unlock their doors to guests and turn on their air conditioning. Also down were services that include Google calendars, docs, Gmail, YouTube and Instagram.

Businesses were lucky the problem happened on a Sunday; otherwise, they will not be able to use G Suite for their operations. Anything backed up by Google Drive like critical company documents, work calendars and company email cannot be accessed. The problem is Google is the central hub for most widely used services and those run through Google cloud services will experience some form of failure.

The outage lasted for 4 hours and affected 3rd party services that utilize Google Cloud. The cloud is actually controlled by 4 big corporations – Google in the US, Alibaba in China, Amazon and Microsoft. They hold 56% of the world’s public cloud market. Millions of people were affected by the outage of Google Cloud services and yet, Google is the smallest operator of the big four.

Amazon holds 47% of the world’s cloud services with Microsoft holding 17%. Alibaba has 8% while Google has only 7%. Until Sunday, people did not bother knowing about the implications of huge tech companies having so much of the cloud services. This is the fact that consumers have to worry about with internet-connected devices. It is certainly not a laughing matter.

The good thing with ordinary locks, there is Geebung locksmith who will open the door when you lose the key. It is also reassuring that locksmiths are available 24/7 to assist with emergencies. If you want to enhance security in the home, use security locks that are a little bit more expensive but tamper-resistant.

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