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Nov 21st, 2019 Comments Off on What Is Neoprene?

What Is Neoprene?

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If this is the first time that you have ever heard of a neoprene, you must be wondering What is Neoprene?  Neoprene is a kind of polymer or a large molecule which is composed of repeating structural units. This material is produced by the polymerization of chloroprene. This chloroprene keeps all the molecules together from the chemical reaction that eventually creates polychloroprene chips. The chips are melted and combined with different types of foaming agents and carbon pigments and the mixture is baked causing for it to expand. As a result of this expansion, neoprene sheets are created. Neoprene is available in solid rubber or in latex form.

Neoprene was created in 1930 when people were looking for an alternative natural rubber, which was expensive at that time and its prices were steadily rising. As a solution, a chemist from DuPont researched and found a way to meet the high demand for rubber, thus creating a synthetic alternative, a rubber-like substance called neoprene.  If you want to know What is Neoprene? Take a look at the following ideas:

  • Neoprene is waterproof since it can be produced in an open-cell form or closed-cell form. Closed-cell neoprene is waterproof as it contains nitrogen cells. With nitrogen gas in manufactured neoprene, the product becomes insulated and buoyant.
  • Neoprene is used in different products because it is very versatile. Compared to natural rubber, neoprene does not easily degrade so it is used for hoses and gaskets. It is also fire resistant, which is why it is used in face masks, gloves, and in fire doors.  Because neoprene is excellent in insulation and it is water resistant, it is used in items such as wetsuits and scuba gears.
  • Other materials used with neoprene include tablet holders, laptop sleeves, mouse pads, and remote controls, can coolers, lunch bags, car seats, tires, car seat covers, and Halloween masks.

If you would still would like to know What is Neoprene? And if it is safe, the answer would be yes. The fact that it is used in heavy duty and important functions, such as wet suit and gloves, only mean that the material is reliable and can be used even in extreme conditions.

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