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Oct 25th, 2015 Comments Off on What Constitutes A Responsive Web Design?

What Constitutes A Responsive Web Design?

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The basic premise when designing responsive websites is to use media queries. The media queries should adapt to the layout according to the width of the browser and you should constantly resize your browser in order to see how the site will perform.

Responsive data tables

By default, the data tables can be quite wide. You can zoom it out in order to see the entire table but then the text size will be small to read. You can likewise zoom it in to make it more readable but you will have to scroll both horizontally and vertically in order to browse the table. This can be a problem. One of the solutions to this is to reformat the table to ensure better readability. Another is to create a pie graph from the data. Another pertinent solution is to have a mini graphic for narrow screens.

Responsive navigation menus

One technique in converting a row of links in a dropdown menu whenever the browser window is narrow is to make use of small screen and clicks on the menu. You will then get an interface and you can select an option which big and nice and is easy to choose. This is certainly much better compared to displaying a tiny link.

Using available space and CSS Media Queries

If you have a design which has a fluid width and where the sidebar is 35 percent of the width of the entire page, you can say that the browser is very narrow for this. You need to know what to consider in order having a web page that is responsive, efficient and user friendly.

Responsive images

A central aspect for a responsive design is a fluid image. On the other hand, there is an alternative approach to fluid images which is developed by Filament Group. This particular technique will allow designers to make responsive layouts which serve different resolutions and image sizes.

It will be wise to look at other websites in order to have an idea on how great designs pan out. Try to check Perth Web Design and ascertain how they successfully produced a great web design.

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