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Nov 10th, 2020 Comments Off on VMware Report Says Management Practices Need To Get Updated

VMware Report Says Management Practices Need To Get Updated

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Current global conditions have resulted in businesses adapting new practices, with things like remote workforce management becoming more and more prominent. VMware decided to look into the matter and noticed that about two-thirds of HR, IT, and corporate higher-ups have recognized the benefits that remote working provides and that the old ways of doing things are obsolete.

VMware published “The new remote work era: trends in distributed workforce”, based on a Vanson Bourne survey, conducted from June to July 2020 with 2,850 respondents from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), comprised of 950 decision-makers from HR, IT, and corporate, respectively.

On top of the increasing recognition of the value of remote working and remote workforce management, the survey noted that 41% more employees in the EMEA region saw remote working as a prerequisite, and not as a perk, which went up to 53% among Gen X. The sample also put forward concerns that the higher-ups weren’t putting in enough effort to properly adapt to offering workers better choices and flexibility.

Since working remotely, 76% of the respondents believe that interpersonal employee relations improved, 66% feel more comfortable speaking up during video conference meetings, and 69% say that their stress levels have gotten more manageable. On top of that, employee morale and productivity were both reported to have gone up, by 30% and 34%, respectively.

About 67% of the respondents stated that recruiting top-tier talent has become easier, particularly for the working parents and minority groups, at 83% and 69%, respectively. Innovation has also become easier, with 72% of respondents saying that new ideas are coming from more within the organization.

On the flip side, at least 40% of the decision-makers that were surveyed expressed concerns that their teams wouldn’t stay on task with remote working, while 28% feel that their organization’s boardroom culture discourages remote working. 59% of respondents felt more pressure to stay online outside of the normal working hours, indicating a change in how management works.

VMware EUC EMEA Vice President Kristine Dahl Steidel says that distributed workforces are the future, delivering clear benefits like improved productivity, better morale, greater cooperation and easier teamwork, and other important boons. She notes that this will only really work if companies implement the right corporate culture and approach in leadership.

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