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Dec 7th, 2017 Comments Off on Visit New York Art Galleries This Holiday

Visit New York Art Galleries This Holiday

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There are many art galleries to watch out for in New York starting this week. If you can’t go because you live far away, you can get your own artwork from Beyond a Word for a reasonable price. For those who are in New York or are planning to go, here are some galleries worth visiting.

Jacqueline Humphries. Open until December 16. This is located in Greene Naftali in Manhattan. Jacqueline Humphries work features 10 different large paintings. Looking at a short distance, one might think that they are almost monochromes and the surface is filled with big sized emojis and graffiti. You will have to look closer in order to see that the surfaces are actually covered with characters – all cut by stencil and very tine. They came from computer coding and typesetting which is the foundation of the paintings. She used somber colors like gray and blue as well as occasional teal often seen in industrial settings.

Rudolf Stinger gallery is located in Gagosian in Madison Avenue. It is open until the 22nd of December. Rudolf Stingel is an Italian painter with three decades of painting experience. His art is a merging between the exhausted form of art and human mortality. He makes are with the help of boots dipped in acid and then walks on panels made of Styrofoam. The crushed result is then turned into his canvas. He is the artist responsible for the floors and walls inside the Palazzo Grassi located in Venice.

Richard Wentworth’s exhibit is open until December 22. It is located in Peter Freeman Gallery in Manhattan. As you arrive at the sliding door made of steel, you will have to wonder if it is the work of the artist as well. The door looks like an element from the warehouse days of SoHo. There is a wire mechanism wherein nine different weights are hanged. The show by Richard Wentworth is called Now and Then featuring 18 works.

These are ongoing exhibits in New York and individuals who can’t go but love art can order one from websites such as Beyond a Word. Their work can be personalised and it is not as expensive as art exhibits.

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