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Sep 19th, 2018 Comments Off on Using Bathroom Tiles Online For Various Heights

Using Bathroom Tiles Online For Various Heights

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You need to know how high you should tile your bathroom walls. It can be stylish if you tile from floor to ceiling, but wainscoting can also create an impact.  This article will guide you on how to use bathroom tiles online for your bathroom.

If you had to include a standard tub and shower in your bathroom, the waterproof covering must be six inches above the finished floor height. This will spare the grout lines from being factored in. For the installation of shower tiles, let it go as far as the ceiling to add a modern look in your bathroom. It may add up to the cost but you’re creating a wonderful bathroom in your home.

Tile Work Outside the Shower

  • Tile baseboard height: The “tile baseboard” is the first level of wall tile. This wall covering will ensure the sturdiness for aggressive mopping and minimise the growth of moulds due to a misaligned shower curtain or some aggressive games of children in a tub.


  • Tile wainscot: It provides further protection above the baseboard level. It also adds a design element that is popular in bathroom renovations. Just like their wood counterparts, the tile wainscot can be crowned with a decorative wood or tile. You can use mosaics or accent tiles to emphasise its colour and texture. It may be purchased through a bathroom tiles online store.


  • Wall tile at the backsplash: This is wall tile that follows the backsplash of the lavatory and vanity areas. Just like the tile wainscot, it can be crowned with specialty mouldings and tiles.


  • Shower tiles: It’s one of the lesser used tiles to complete the bathroom; but you can use it for walk-in showers or curbless applications. It typically combines the corner of the bathroom or extend a single wall.


  • Floor to ceiling tiles: It’s the best way to exude a bathroom in style. One may have a spa-like environment where the floor to ceiling is polished with tumbled travertine or marble. It also makes the bathroom mould-resistant.

You can buy bathroom tiles online on what you need. Create a blank canvas on your bathroom and choose a tile that suits your taste and preference. Remember that the bathroom tiles are not just about colours and textures. You can create an impact by placing and designing them in various heights.


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