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Apr 28th, 2021 Comments Off on Useful Tips When Choosing A Cover For Your Duvet

Useful Tips When Choosing A Cover For Your Duvet

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If you have an expensive duvet, you will certainly want it to be protected by a cover. In addition to protecting the duvet, you can easily change the look of the bedding without the need to replace the entire duvet. To put it simply, the duvet cover is like a pillowcase to a pillow.

How to choose a cover for your duvet

The best covers for your duvet are inexpensive, machine washable, and comfortable. There are many inexpensive covers that you can conveniently change when the mood strikes you. A simple switch of the cover will allow you to change the colour and style of your bedding.

Unlike the duvet which requires dry cleaning, you can easily machine wash the cover and let it dry under the sun. When making a choice for the duvet cover’s fabric, make sure that it matches with set of bedding particularly the fabric, colour, and pattern.

There are natural fabrics like linen and cotton that offers better temperature and breathability and synthetic fabrics like polycotton and microfibre that are more durable. A soft and comfortable cover has a thread count between 200 and 800 per square inch.

The right weave will also make a big difference in the level of comfort. A Percale weave will create a crisp, taut cover for people who naturally feel warm when sleeping. A Sateen weave creates a smoother, softer, and warmer feel. If your idea is to enhance the aesthetics of the bedroom, the Sateen weave can provide a feeling of luxury and elegance.

Choosing the right cover size for your duvet is more than just matching the dimensions to the duvet’s filler. If the cover is too big, it can cause the filler to shift and bunch during the night resulting to an uneven coverage and bunching. If the cover is too small, it can cause a lumpy appearance.

You can choose protective duvet covers or a matching duvet and pillow set that is made in the USA to update your bed’s appearance. For the best size, you can choose a duvet cover that is 2 inches shorter on each side than the dimensions of the filler to achieve a fuller appearance.


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