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Oct 25th, 2019 Comments Off on Updated Starkville Map Approved By Aldermen

Updated Starkville Map Approved By Aldermen

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Every city needs Overview maps, not just for navigation, but also for planning developments, and other important matters. The city of Starkville, Mississippi has been working on updating theirs, with the only thing currently lacking being approval from their aldermen; their elected representatives.

The Starkville Board of Aldermen recently met to vote on the matter, and have decided to approve of the updated Overview maps unanimously, with a vote of 6-0, with one Alderman; Ward 5’s Hamp Beatty absent for the vote. The vote was made following the second public hearing regarding the map amendments. No citizens came forward during the hearing to speak an offer their opinion.

These changes to their map are being handled ahead of their comprehensive plan for city projects, though Starkville City Planner Daniel Havelin emphasized that these updated maps aren’t the same as zoning maps; they were more of a visual guideline for the comprehensive city plan.

Havelin stated that these kinds of maps were used to record factors in a city’s real estate, like current use, current density, public stakeholders, market dynamics, and other. He added that these maps were updated following the revelation of errors that were present in the prior set of updates.

He explained, noting that the maps basically take the text for their plans and put them into a visual medium, and, when the city planners started working on the unified development code for Starkville, and, when they took a good look at the details, there were issues.

According to Havelin, the errors were caused by data from 2014 conflicting with more recent data from 2017. He says that when they got rid of the areas underneath, they noticed that their placement didn’t really line up, so they had to make adjustments for it. He says that the city planners had to go through the whole city to double check everything, in order to make sure it matched up with the goals and objectives the city had for the properties.

While there have been some complaints from concerned citizens, the Aldermen say that it’s part of their plan for the city, and these public hearings are just the next step towards that.


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