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Sep 18th, 2020 Comments Off on Unfair Market Created By The Rise Of Facebook And Google

Unfair Market Created By The Rise Of Facebook And Google

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When people search for information, products, services or reviews like king kong agency reviews, they usually access online platforms like Facebook and Google. However, according to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the popularity of big tech platforms has created an unfair market making it difficult for other media companies to compete fairly.

The unfair market has caused the collapse of the media business model and has left space that is now filled with conspiracy theories, self-reinforcing filter bubbles and voter manipulation. Facebook has steadfastly refused to be accountable for the spread of fake news and disinformation on its platform. The tech giant has threatened to block real news from Australian users if and when “pay for content” becomes a law.

Meanwhile, Google has also warned users that they can end free online search. Content creators in YouTube may be disenfranchised if Google is forced to explain how it makes money off news content. Both platforms are have strongly showed strength because of the notion that millions of Australians will continue to scroll and search the platforms even without fact-based journalism.

Public response showed agreement to some form of recalibration. Majority also believes that the tech giants have too much power and it is time for them to be pulled into line. They also find it reasonable to pay for news.

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