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Aug 10th, 2017 Comments Off on UK’s Largest Hosting Service Unintentionally Erases Large Internet Files

UK’s Largest Hosting Service Unintentionally Erases Large Internet Files

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UK’s largest hosting company unintentionally erased a large part of the Internet while maintaining its servers.The company 123-reg provides website hosting services to 1.7-million websites. They said that a mistake during maintenance of its systems had greatly erased many of its users’ files. It is unsure though how many of the company’s users were hit and whether those websites shall be restored.

A few users claim they had lost access to all their files and websites after such disastrous error. According to an INNMaster news post, “around 7AM one Saturday morning, someone from our hosting provider ran a computer program that had a disastrous error in it.” The end result was to erase many of the websites and servers of its customers.”

123-reg admitted that it had a backup of all the user’s websites, and that it can facilitate a disaster recovery plan. However, a large number of companies seemed to have no such protection and may have lost access to their websites.

The problem mainly centered on those customers using the virtual private server (VPS). VPS provides users hosting services on their websites using a company’s servers, rather than purchasing their own to keep pages and dispatch them to users upon request.

Over the weekend, the 123-reg’s website had been updating with posts about the issues. They told users that if they had their own backup of files, they can still use it. However, there was no update on how much information was being restored for those that didn’tkeep backups.

The UK company released a statement saying they are extending their heartfelt apologies for making such error, and that they are doing their very best to restore all information the soonest possible time.

123-reg claims they have sent emails to all customers involved that they are now trying their best to recopy recovered files onto their servers, and that those websites will soon be restored. They also said that they have searched over their automated scripts to ensure no such erasures will happen once again in the future.

The story is a reflection of another web hosting service that became famous for accidentally erasing a company; however, the story was simply a hoax.

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