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Aug 18th, 2016 Comments Off on Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are A Trend

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are A Trend

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For anyone looking for an Ugly Christmas Sweater, the most common way to find these ugly sweaters is through thrift stores. Retailer shops like H&M, Wal-Mart or Target are also some of the stops people go to for these ugly sweaters.

For others, they can uglify their current sweaters with the use of snowflakes, beads or any other items found in an Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit which is available at Nordstrom.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are becoming a trend

These ugly sweaters have already become a mainstream holiday tradition. Its popularity has made small to large investors take part in this business venture.

The ugly Christmas sweater business of Joey Dunne

Joey Dunne from Chicago operates two short-term Christmas Sweater Depot stores. There is one in Irving while the other one is in Morton Grove. He sells vintage sweaters with personalized embellishments for an additional cost. He is also looking to open locations nationally.

In 2011, he began selling these ugly sweaters online. He opened his pop-up stores due to his discontentment with the selection in thrift stores and the expensive prices in most online stores.

Dunne wants to stand out from the competition through his personalized embellishments. They do the embellishments at the back of his stores. Dunne together with his team add ornaments, bells, bows, branches and lights.

According to him, most people are already buying ugly sweaters for day-to-day use.

Changed perception for the ugly Christmas sweaters

For most ugly sweater veterans, the concept has diverted from ugliness being the goal of wearing these sweaters.

According to Dan Steindl from Ragstock, people buy ugly sweaters that fit them and match well with their outfits. He added how people want to look good in ugly sweaters especially when going to parties.

Ragstock has more than 15,000 vintage sweaters in its Lakeview location while 8,000 in Wicker Park. Christmas merchandise sell more than Halloween items according to Steindl.

The reason for the ugly Christmas sweater’s popularity

This is anyone’s guess. However, for Wendy Liebmann from WSL Strategic Retail, these ugly sweaters are a creative outlet for people. She also added that these are also collectibles and that they make people happy.

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