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Feb 15th, 2017 Comments Off on The Truth About Chinese Tourists

The Truth About Chinese Tourists

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According to an experience by Linda Li, a veteran tour guide, their bus full of Chinese tourists stopped for a break in a toll station located near Frankfurt in Germany. It was autumn and the station was in a highway. She told them that they can use the toilet but they must pay €0.7 which is approximately $6.62 in Hong Kong. The guide specifically told them that they can get the change from her if they don’t have any.

After hearing of the toilet fee, they grumbled that it only cost 0.5 yuan in China to use the toilet which is approximately HK $0.63. With this, a number of men decided skipping the toilet and used the open spaces instead. Li was already expecting such scene because it is common for Chinese tourists who are traveling for the first time. What she wasn’t expecting was that a well-dressed man who is about middle aged did the same thing. This man refused to pay €0.7 for the toilet but can afford to spend thousands of euros to buy himself a Vacheron Constantin watch.

This incident is just an example of why host countries have a dilemma when it comes to accepting Chinese tourists. Many of them have the money to spend but not all have the manners. Locals are upset with their behaviour, facilities suffer damages, tempers are tested to the edge and in majority of the cases other tourists refused to book when they know Chinese tourists are going with them.

In a report from China National Tourism Administration or CNTA, China has reached a record for last year because by the month of November, over 100 million tourists from mainland China have already traveled in another country. In entirety, last year there were around 98.2 million travelers. Majority of the travelers, 85.4 million as of November 2016, went to Asian countries such as Macau and Hong Kong while Europe is second on the list with 3.4 million Chinese tourists. On the third place is Africa with 2.7 million Chinese tourists.

Majority of these Chinese tourists are new to traveling and they have not come to appreciate other cultures yet. They can now afford to book tour packages through online sites such as www.southamericatours.com.au and it is not surprising for them to act that way since they have been near-isolated before and now they are subjected into the world in a very quick span of time and they are yet to adjust.

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