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Jan 9th, 2021 Comments Off on The Rising Rates Of Domestic Assault

The Rising Rates Of Domestic Assault

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Individuals who have been charged criminally with domestic assault were represented by Donich Law to obtain the best possible outcomes for the cases. A domestic assault issue has to be resolved with confidentiality as much as possible because they are usually the result of disputes among family members, spouses and cohabitants.

Musician FKA Twigs accused actor Shia LaBeouf of relentless abuse, sexual battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit laid out the violent acts committed by LaBeouf against FKA Twigs including the sexually transmitted disease that he knowingly gave her. Artist Sia also claimed on Twitter that LaBeouf has also conned her into an adulterous relationship by claiming that he was single.

By coming forward with her experience, FKA Twigs has shined light on one of the biggest threats that American women face today. According to reports, in 2019 more than a million women were victims of domestic violence from intimate partners or family members. Majority of domestic abuse result from the violence of intimate partners.

Rates of abuse differ across racial, economic and social lines. A CDC report revealed that Black, Hispanic and native American women face a higher rate of physical violence from an intimate partner than white women. Abuse is exacerbated by extremely stressing situations like the September 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the coronavirus pandemic this year.

The lockdown measures that were imposed by states have become nightmarish situations for women in abusive relationships. From March to May this year, the National Domestic Violence Hotline has noted a 9% increase in the volume of calls, texts and chat messages compared to the same time last year. These figures paint an incomplete picture because they are largely based on self-reported cases. Physical violence is only one dimension of the abuse since psychological abuse is becoming more prevalent.

Donich Law has an extensive experience in restoring communications between family members, between spouses or partners in a cost effective and peaceful manner. In a breakdown of relationships, the law firm handles any criminal harassment charges that may arise between the domestic partners. In most cases, the law firm resolves the legal issue efficiently.

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