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Apr 28th, 2021 Comments Off on The Important Role Of Illustrations In Advertising

The Important Role Of Illustrations In Advertising

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Everyone in the advertising industry knows that a picture is worth a thousand words that is why they supplement the text with drawings. Illustrations play an important role in advertising because they can persuade, inform and influence a person to take action. While words can provide information, illustrations can express emotions and convey the characteristics of a brand.

If you will trace the history of advertising during the pre-industrial age, you will find out that products became appealing due to promotions and their design. The emphasis of advertising shifted from product features to brand image and personality. An idea is often communicated through the use of copy while illustrations tell a story about the advertisement.

Without an illustration in a print ad, the full burden of attracting people’s attention falls on the headline. In modern advertising, the illustration becomes the dominant element and the headline only adds meaning to the picture. However, the picture, headline, and body text must be interrelated in order to communicate a unified message.

A well-conceived illustration not only increases initial reader attention; it speeds up every step in the communication process. Illustrations can shape the tone of the entire advertisement and quickly and clearly deliver the message that the advertiser wants to convey.

However, the use of illustrations for the sake of just having a picture in the advertisement is not right because it will not serve a useful selling purpose. In today’s competitive era, illustrations can provide life to an otherwise boring advertisement. It can make an advertisement more believable. It can communicate the usefulness of a product in a way that words can’t.

An average consumer won’t spend more than a minute to read an advertisement on a webpage or billboard. However, aesthetically creative ads can quickly send a message across in a way that is both amusing and pleasing to the eyes.

Commercial illustrator Maria Rabinky creates illustrations for corporate and non-profit clients in the marketing and advertising industry. An illustration is a visual imagery that is best known for interpreting, depicting, explaining, and decorating words in books, magazines, advertisements, and the web. Illustrations are one of the most diverse forms of art in today’s visual art culture.

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