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May 28th, 2019 Comments Off on The Impact Of China In Recycling

The Impact Of China In Recycling

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For many years, Californians have been recycling their wastes through the provided recycle bins but for the past few years majority of these wastes are sent to landfills too. This was the observation of junk hauling Orange County due to the decline in the market for recyclable materials. There is very little being done to make sure the recyclables is not going straight to the dumps. Moreover, the costs of managing the recycling continue to increase.

According to the assistant head of the recycling and landfill management in Los Angeles County, Bob Asgian, they used to hire haulers to manage their recyclables but now these companies are also paying them to take back the trash.

China has always been known as the top importer of recyclables in the planet but it is also the main reason for the current predicament. In 2017, the country decided to introduce the National Sword campaign after finding out that over 25 per cent of the imported bales into China are actually non-recyclable materials. The initiative aimed to create a new standard to be followed before recyclables are accepted. A year after the campaign was launched, China forces the return of imported bales that consists materials that are not composed of 99.5 per cent recyclable materials. For this year, a stricter rule has been imposed stating that they will only allow plastic and paper that are not valuable.

China is now focusing to clean their economy as well as environment. On the first day of 2019, the country decided to ban imports of recyclables. The end result is that waste companies in the United States have nowhere to dump their recyclables. This is turn made recycling companies decide to accept only paper and plastic products within certain specifications.

As per the admission of a company of junk hauling Orange City, they are sending the rest to the landfill because of the lack of market. A recycling agency in Orange City revealed that the recycling rate is decreasing. However, the state is hoping to be able to recycle 75 per cent of their waste by the year 2020.

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