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Aug 21st, 2015 Comments: 0

The Growing Competition Between Security And Alarm System Providers And DIY Security Systems

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One of the biggest concerns of a homeowner is home security but this addressed through the installation of ADT Alarm Systems. A perfect solution for home security is an alarm and security system that has an interconnected network throughout the United States because it provides the best protection against fire, burglary, carbon monoxide and medical emergencies. When the alarm goes off, the local police, fire department and medical team are immediately notified.

Early this year, a report was released by ABI Research predicting that about 15 million American homes will be investing in new connected home security services in the next five years. The research also noted that one of the biggest reasons that is fuelling this uptake in services is the proliferation self-installed and self-monitored security systems which are considered as the real threats to standard security system providers.

The growth of DIY security systems should not come as a surprise because of the increasing connectedness of the world. Leveraging on the prevalence of wireless internet connectivity, tech savvy entrepreneurs have developed security systems that can be easily installed by homeowners on their own. These entrepreneurs are certainly making a dent on the customer base of traditional alarm system providers.

According to Michael Barnes who is the founding partner of advisory and consulting firm Barnes Associates, the DIY home security systems are becoming a legitimate competitor to the traditional alarm systems if the results of the research will be used as the basis. It is very likely that around 5% to 6% of all new residential customers will be choosing the DIY home security systems.

Today even the large national companies are dabbling into this market and they are doing pretty well. For the small providers of home security systems, it takes a lot of expertise and marketing including a business plan to get into the DIY market.

One of the problems of a traditional provider is the competition with these DIY security systems. A solution will be increased online presence so that customers who are in the market for a home security system will be aware of their presence. Traditional companies would need a market research of areas where the DIY business does not have physical presence.

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