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Jul 4th, 2017 Comments Off on Techloop.io Launches In Hungary

Techloop.io Launches In Hungary

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For those looking for New IT recruiter Tech Ideas, recruitment platforms set exclusively for the IT sector are becoming more and more popular across the globe.

The IT recruitment platform, Techloop.io, operates in the European sector, having started in Prague. The platform has been recently gaining popularity in the area and spreading from its original region of operations, and is now set to grow into Hungary               . It is a bilateral online marketplace, which directly connects IT professionals looking for a job to employers looking for professionals to hire.

The platform is expected by the market to bring possible solutions and New IT recruiter Tech Ideas to fill the employee gap in Hungary’s IT sector, which is desperately seeking professionals to fill at least 15,000 vacancies across the country.

The platform started out in Prague, around December of 2015 and grew from there, managing to become the Czech Republic’s leading IT recruitment platform. Current data shows that the platform has at least 10,000 IT professionals registered and looking for a job, with more coming in every day. Approximately 7,500 are located in the Czech Republic, with 2,500 in Slovakia. In Hungary, the platform already has around 500 IT specialists registered with the system since its recent launch.

The creators of the platform have stated their beliefs that the traditional methods for IT recruitment are no longer sufficient, for either job seekers or employers. Techloop.io was created in order to create an interface that both parties could easily use in order to make the selection process more efficient.

JoãoDoarte, one of Techloop.io’s three founders, stated that the he believed that the development of the platformcan help the Hungarian IT market with its issues, which has led to an IT labor shortage in the country, as well as expedite the recruitment process.

The Techloop.io platform offers its registered users the option to remain anonymous, for those who are still currently employed, but are looking for a new job in the IT industry. The platform is free to use for job seekers. The platform offer a number of other, useful benefits, but, most notable, any professionals who find a job through the system will get a € 500 bonus.

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