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Feb 5th, 2019 Comments Off on Tech Companies In Partnership To Generate Wireless Connectivity Through Balloons

Tech Companies In Partnership To Generate Wireless Connectivity Through Balloons

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Many tech companies prefer open-plan offices with proper commercial office furniture to encourage interaction among employees. However, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to office design because the traditional office with partitions usually works well for other businesses. The key to making employees comfortable is to provide them furniture that is comfortable and will not cause them back pain.

Speaking of technology, Alphabet which is Google’s parent company is going ahead with its high altitude balloons to generate wireless connectivity. Alphabet Loon unit has recently announced a partnership for the development of a programming version that will coordinate communication among balloons for Canadian satellite operator Telesat.

The current space-based internet services of Telesat come from traditional large satellites in geostationary orbit. A new service is being developed by Telesat that will rely on hundreds of small crafts orbiting at a lower altitude. The complicated low-Earth satellite internet service requires similar communications among the craft that Alphabet Loon has developed to be able to send data between its balloons and ground stations.

In a blog post, Sal Candido, Loon’s head of engineering explained that balloons move with the wind which means that their physical coordinates are always changing in relation to the ground. The synergy between the balloons and non-geostationary orbit (NGO) satellites comes from a shared characteristic of being in constant motion relative to the Earth and one another. Motion presents a challenge to Loon’s internet balloon system as well as to future NGO communication satellites.

To get started, Telesat is planning to launch 292 satellites that can go as high as 512 spacecraft. The billion dollar project aims to start commercial service in 2022. Since the network will take years to be fully developed, a host of competitors are making similar plans with low orbiting satellites. However, if the project becomes successful, it will help connect people in developing nations.

If you are looking for commercial office furniture, the latest trends are available for sit-stand desks, breakout spaces, open plan offices and communal work environments. If you have a design in mind, there is a team of designers who will work with you to come up with the best solution.


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