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May 9th, 2019 Comments Off on Solar Panels Can Be Installed Without Drilling Holes On The Roof Through Solpod

Solar Panels Can Be Installed Without Drilling Holes On The Roof Through Solpod

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According to building supplies in Sydney, concrete tiles are often confused with clay tiles. Clay tiles are less brittle than concrete tiles and cheaper to install on. Some companies will tell homeowners that solar panels cannot be installed on a concrete roof tile because it might break during the process. However, that is no longer the case with Solpod.

Solpod is an Australian start-up that has developed a new process of mounting solar panels on the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. The breakthrough will encourage building owners who are still sceptical on switching to solar photo voltaic power.

The new process of installation does not require holes to be drilled on the roofs so that the panels can be attached. The solar panels are prefabricated in the factory to reduce the amount of labour and disruption to the site. The solar panels can be removed and relocated because they are assembled in demountable frame and installed in the roof using adhesive foam.

The traditional process of installing solar panels is to individually assemble every panel, bolt, nut and cable on the roof. This can take a few weeks to complete. What Solpod does is to assemble the pods in the quality controlled factory to minimize the time of installation.

The launch of Solpod came at a perfect time when Australia is undergoing a solar boom. In the March quarter, Australian solar rooftops have added a significant record of 500 megawatts on new solar photovoltaic capacity. The innovative way of installing solar panels is ideal for renters that are only signing 5-year lease contracts.

The Australian rooftop solar industry is probably the most competitive in the world and arguably the most mature. This is one of the reasons why Solpodwas developed so that the large rooftop solar market will double in size.

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