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Jun 27th, 2019 Comments Off on Small Error Made The Internet Inaccessible For Almost 2 Hours

Small Error Made The Internet Inaccessible For Almost 2 Hours

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Technology has transformed the retail sector. People today prefer to shop online than visit brick and mortar stores. For example, a parent can conveniently purchase mozzie band in Australia online to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. If you have not heard about mozzie band, it is a silicon-based wristband with citronella scent fragrance that provides 4-hour protection against insects.

Speaking of internet, yesterday parts of the internet went quiet for less than 2 hours in North-eastern America and many of the popular sites were inaccessible. A short version of the story points to small network services provider DQE Communications as the culprit. The network provider has erroneously provided Verizon with inaccurate routing information which it passed to the greater network.

Verizon failed to filter out the bad information and about 2% of IP address prefixes were redirected to a steel plant in a small town in Pennsylvania. Some of the sites that were affected included Facebook, Amazon and thousands of services like Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services. Even DownDetector that tracks outages was down.

Incidents like this can happen and Verizon cannot be blamed because it only passed the routing change from another provider. Verizon’s response stated that there was intermittent disruption in internet service for some FiOS customers earlier in the morning and its engineers have resolved the issue at 9 am ET.

Verizon did not accept responsibility nor acknowledged that they have a protocol to handle these events. Mistakes can certainly happen through no one’s fault but it is still a problem that affects millions of customers. Verizon must have filters in place to avoid internet disruptions from happening across the country.

People have more respect for companies that say “I am sorry” and willing to stand up to what is happening. The event is just a reminder that technology can also fail due to an error.

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