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Sep 14th, 2018 Comments Off on Small Businesses In Brazil Face Challenges In Digital Adoption

Small Businesses In Brazil Face Challenges In Digital Adoption

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Most businesses in Australia have a website to gain online presence. Consumers that require a wedding caterer in Sydney can easily use search engines to find one. By going digital, businesses are able to promote their product and services as well as connect to potential customers to boost their income.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, 69% of 1,500 small businesses use the internet for daily tasks. The three main channels that are being used include Facebook, Whats App and email. Research results from Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (SEBRAE) reveals that the most pervasive is Whats App that is being used by at least 72% of the local SME’s as the main online platform.

Entrepreneurs use Whats App as their new CRM to support relationships with clients. The application is used to set up a targeted list from customer’s birthdays to product advertising campaigns. Renato Meirelles, president of InstitutoLocomotivaexplained the reasons for the prevalent use of Whats App among small businesses. It helps entrepreneurs in overcoming barriers like high cross-operator tariffs.

However, digital adoption is not without its share of challenges. In spite of the high level of local adoption of digital tools like Whats App, only 17% of the small ventures sell online. Many Brazilian businessmenare not taking full advantage of the digital tools because of lack of understanding, cognitive limitations and poor internet access.

According to Lion Useche, head of AliancaEmpreendedora, a Brazilian non-profit organization, they are experimenting on various methods of digital education for entrepreneurs in underprivileged communities. Once entrepreneurs understand the importance of the internet through education, they will start to gain access to digital resources.

One of the things that the government must do is to expand public Wi-Fi spots in the suburbs. The timescale of opening new businesses can also be reduced from 100 to 7 days through an online company registration scheme.

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