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Nov 15th, 2018 Comments Off on Six Important Maintenance tips To Keep Your Bike In Good Condition

Six Important Maintenance tips To Keep Your Bike In Good Condition

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Proper maintenance of motorcycles is very important to keep them in working condition for longer period of time and to improve their fuel efficiency. Though most of the bike owners take good care of their motorcycles at the beginning, they tend to neglect the maintenance as time passes, which leads to decrease in the performance of the bike.

Here are some easy to follow maintenance tips given by reputed Honda bike dealers, which help you to keep the motorcycle happy for long time.

  1. Tyres are important parts of the motorcycle. They are the main contact between the road and the bike and help to align the bike properly. It is essential to check the tyre pressure and alignment of the tyres regularly. The tyre pressure should always be maintained at the level suggested by the manufacturer. Consult your mechanic or your Honda bike dealers, if you notice any cuts and scrapes on the tyres or feel the tyres needs realignment.
  2. Engine oil is crucial to keep the engine in good working condition. Check the engine oil levels regularly and get the oil replaced at the suggested intervals. Dirty engine oil tends to damage the engine and increases the fuel consumption of the motorcycle.
  3. The air filters of the bike get clogged due to dust. Clean the air filters regularly and get them replaced at your trusted Honda bike dealers, at the manufacturer recommended intervals as clogged air filters hinder the bike performance.
  4. The most important part of a motorcycle is its engine. Bike owners should take good care of the engine in order to keep the bike functioning properly at its maximum efficiency. Regular servicing of the motorcycle helps to maintain the engine in good condition. Always maintain the service schedule provided by your Honda bike dealers and get the carburettor and spark plug checked at every service.
  5. The battery of the motorcycle requires regular upkeep and maintenance to maintain its durability. The battery should be regularly inspected in order to locate any leakages. Keep the battery fully charges, if you leave the bike unused for long durations.
  6. Riders should keep in mind to maintain the riding speed specified by the Honda bike dealers to increase the fuel efficiency of the bike and to keep the bike in good condition.
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