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Sep 28th, 2018 Comments Off on Scuba Diving The Similan Islands While On A Liveaboard In Thailand

Scuba Diving The Similan Islands While On A Liveaboard In Thailand

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If you want to experience the most of your scuba diving holiday, then you should find the right liveaboard in Thailand to venture and explore the Similan Islands. There are so many to choose from in this area, so you get the best liveaboards that take pride in providing the best Similan and Surin Island scuba diving cruises that fit your holiday schedule and budget.

You can venture the Similan and Surin Island marine national parks between October until May. Here the liveaboard cruise will make you exploit your time in the seawater and at the same time explore the best dive sites in the North Andaman Sea.

When you ride a liveaboard in Thailand, you allow yourself to be amazed and excited to cruise the world-class dive sites of the pristine seawaters and colourful coral reefs along with other divers, all who share the same passion as yours. The liveaboard cruise will take you to the remotest scuba diving sites that a daytrip cannot reach.

If you check out the availability of liveaboard in Thailand, you’ll find various liveaboards that cruise the Similan islands, KohTachai, Koh Bon and the popular Richelieu Rock. Depending on the number of days and nights you plan to be booked, they can provide a schedule of the liveaboard cruise to the marine national park in Similan Island and then head to Richelieu Rock, KohTachai and Koh Bon.

If you want to spend lesser time on a liveaboard cruise, they can provide you another boat that can take you there. Here you can spend fewer days and night, like a couple of days and one night, which all depends on your wishes. The speedboats can leave anytime you want to begin the cruise. Depending on the day, you can explore the various dive sites around Similan islands, then head to KohTachai, Richelieu Rock and lastly Koh Bon. You can explore the Similan Islands anytime as you wish.

To ensure you have a Similan liveaboard in Thailand to ride, you may want to be booked before coming to the country. You can customise a package that suits your needs, or perhaps arrange a private charter. This will make you enjoy all those times you’ll be spending here in Thailand.

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