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Dec 10th, 2017 Comments Off on Scrapping Net Neutrality Is Not Considered Progress

Scrapping Net Neutrality Is Not Considered Progress

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It is very likely for an individual to search for Honda motorbikes in the UK through the internet. After all motorcycle dealers have their websites where they present wide range of brands in different makes and models. With the intensifying traffic in most urban areas, many people turn to the motorcycle as a more desirable option for travel.

One of the most popular debates right now in the United States is internet neutrality. As we all know, the future of the internet is at stake. There are large providers of internet service that are making attempts to block or throttle information that is available on the web. If the internet providers succeed with their attempts, the results cannot be considered as progress. The innovative ideas of small businesses rely on the internet because it is open and accessible. These small businesses deserve internet neutrality.

The Business Services Division of the State of Montana was fully digitalized last September 1. Montana is leading the way on how a state can serve and interact with the 160,000 businesses that utilize the office for registrations, renewals and mergers. Through the use of internet, services have become faster, mobile friendly and error-free.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning to scrap the net neutrality rules that govern how internet providers can handle web traffic. The plan has unleashed a new wave of intense opposition and met an immediate backlash from net neutrality supporters. It was announced last month that Verizon and Comcast are blocking or slowing down websites at the same time that they are creating internet “fast lanes.”

Hundreds of demonstrations are being planned at Verizon stores and congressional offices all over the country to protest FCC from moving forward with its vote. FCC will take the blame if they get rid of the basic consumer protection provided by internet neutrality.

The internet is very important to dealers of Honda motorbikes in the UK because it allows them to connect with people who prefer comfort while seeking for a motorbike they can use on city roads. The internet allows an individual to access important information about a motorcycle brand and model before making a purchasing decision.

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