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Jul 4th, 2018 Comments Off on School Affected By Flooding Will Receive Furniture From Eco World

School Affected By Flooding Will Receive Furniture From Eco World

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November 2017 was an unfortunate month for the SJK Convent Datuk Keramat School because their campus was flooded and the water rose until it reached waist-level. As a result, the wooden desks as well as cupboards used by the students turned warped and majority is beyond repair. They do not have the funding to purchase from school furniture company therefore charity came to their aid. The school needs the furniture because this is the basic need of the children and the teachers working there.

As an answer to the need of the school, Eco World Foundation sent help less than one month after the incident occurred. The school received 120 new sets of desks and chairs and there are also six pieces of steel cabinets donated.

According to Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, the chairman of the foundation, the school wrote to them asking for help and they decided to respond right away with the donation. Before the end of 2017, the school received new sets of desks and chairs. The donated furniture including the steel cabinets cost around RM 20,500. During the delivery, Lee came along in order to meet the children of the school as well as to lead the handing ceremony for their donation.

Eco World Foundation is known to be the philanthropic sector of Eco World Development Group Berhad, a leading name in the developer industry. Lee explained that the corporation is always happy to give back to the community and most importantly in the sector of education.

Ever since the establishment of the foundation in 2014, they have already spent around RM 550,000 to donate furniture and improve facilities in various schools needing their assistance. Every year, the foundation allots between 4 and 5 million to fund the EcoWorld Students’ Aid Programme which supports students from primary as well as secondary level that are underprivileged.

The company is currently funding the education of 3,000 students across seven states and they are hoping that a school furniture company will also follow their example of giving back to the community especially underfunded schools.

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