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Mar 18th, 2020 Comments Off on Rural Areas Across The United Kingdom Will Soon Enjoy Good Mobile Phone Coverage

Rural Areas Across The United Kingdom Will Soon Enjoy Good Mobile Phone Coverage

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Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, 4 of its largest mobile networks have agreed to invest in new and existing phone masts to boost rural internet. The deal between the government and mobile network providers will hopefully end poor mobile phone coverage in rural areas.

Jointly-owned Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited will oversee the 4 networks investment in new and existing phone masts. The £1 billion deal is expected to guarantee coverage to 280,000 premises and 9,942 miles of roads. The investment will also result to indirect improvements in other areas aside from better coverage in 27, 962 miles or roads. At least 1.2 million business and homes will benefit from the deal.

As part of the deal, networks will be investing £532 million. The government considers the deal as the biggest improvement that will benefit the rural parts of Scotland, Northern Island and Wales. Network combined coverage will reach at least 95% of the United Kingdom by 2025.

According to Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden, people who live in the countryside are frustrated over the bad phone signal. Poor and patchy mobile rural coverage will end once the £1 billion landmark deal is signed. The important milestone will also improve people’s lives and increase prosperity across the UK.

A spokesperson from industry regulator Ofcom responded to the announcement and welcomed the agreement that will bring real benefits to mobile customers across the UK. The collaboration between the government and Ofcom is an example on infrastructure investment that should be delivered to people. The deal is a game-changer for the UK.

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