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Jan 20th, 2018 Comments Off on Rural America Being Left Out When It Comes To Internet Speed

Rural America Being Left Out When It Comes To Internet Speed

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In the United States, it is surprising to note that rural communities are being left out of modern society and 21st economy. Residents in rural communities want fast and cheap internet similar to the city dwellers so that they will have the opportunity to work remotely, access online shopping and other online services including news, information and government data.

Ever since the internet was introduced to the US, rural areas have always suffered from slow internet access compared to urban cities. It is rare to find high speed internet connections and wireless phone service. Signals are definitely weaker or in most cases, absent altogether. On the other hand, there were improvements to the wired internet speeds and mobile phone services in rural America but still cities have seen better improvements.

Unfortunately, national standards have not helped either. People, businesses and governments want to do more online but there is a set minimum from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding data transmission speeds for broadband service. The current standard is set at 25 megabits per second downloading and 3 megabits per second uploading. The standards are deemed adequate for video streaming and high traffic online activities; however, such speeds are not available in rural America.

If FCC will reduce the standards, critics predict that rural digital divide will disappear on paper, not on real life. Rural America will have less participation in culture, society, political and economic activities.

Having a fast internet service is certainly important for people, businesses and governments. For example, businesses and entities in rural communities in Texas can efficiently apply for Texas Tax ID online through the IRS website. The Tax ID is very important when hiring employees or performing business-related activities like opening checking accounts.

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