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Mar 31st, 2018 Comments Off on Robots Replacing The Human Workforce

Robots Replacing The Human Workforce

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The state of the cleaning industry of Japan is currently shaken because automation machines and robots are currently dominating the sector. The country is finding it harder to hire qualified staff that will perform professional cleaning thus the modern solution to their problem. This is far from other countries like Australia where human industrial cleaners in Sydney are still abundant.

As of writing, Japan has a total population of almost 127 million and the current birth rate is very low at only 1.4 children for every one woman. In fact, Japan has the lowest fertility rate in the whole world. Because of this, experts are predicting that the population of the country could go down to 117 million when the year 2030 comes. With this rate, the population of Japan will eventually dwindle.

This will have a big impact on the cleaning industry of the country because as the number of people in the country decreases, the workforce will also decrease. The fact is that cleaning industry in Japan is comprised mostly of older people. What will happen to the industry when the majority of the workforce has already passed on?

Many of the elderly in Japan are working in the cleaning industry because they do not have enough pensions that will sustain them so they can enjoy their life of retirement. When the elderly stops working for the cleaning industry, where will we see the cleaning sector of Japan?

Married women who used to stay at home to tend the house, the kids and their husbands are already pursuing a career of their own. The result is an investable increase in demand for professional cleaning services but there are not enough people who are qualified to do the job.

This is why one company in the country known as Murata Machinery is developing modern solutions for the professional cleaning industry. There are now many modern options such as buffing machines, automatic scrubbers, floor polishers and carpet cleaners among many others. The company admitted that just like the need for industrial cleaners in Sydney, the demand is higher for industrial cleaning because of it takes longer to clean. The latest invention by the company is SE-500IX II, a vacuum cleaner which is a robot and designed for industrial uses.

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