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Feb 9th, 2018 Comments Off on Robotic Furniture With Super Powers

Robotic Furniture With Super Powers

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When choosing the most appropriate office furniture, your first step is not to proceed to a furniture shop immediately; you have to consider the costs because furniture is an important investment. Money must be wisely spent meaning you have to find a comfortable chair and a sturdy table that will not cost an arm and a leg and yet will stay usable for a good number of years.

However, there is a new kind of furniture that can be summoned to the bed or closet through a mobile app of call or voice command. At the push of a button, everything can retract to optimize space in a small office or apartment. A Boston-based start-up is offering robotic furniture that can be transformed into a bedroom, working or living area or a large closet.

MIT Media Lab spinout Ori has made robotic furniture a reality. Ori’s system is composed of an L-shaped unit that can be installed on a track along the wall so that it can slide back and forth. On one side, there is a closet, a small folding desk, several drawers and large cubicles. A Pull-out bed can be found at the bottom. On the other side is a horizontal surface that can be opened to form a table. Above the features is a vertical surface with a large nook where a television can be placed with additional drawers for stuff. On the 3rd side which is opposite the wall is more shelving with pegs, for coats and other stuff.

The unit can be controlled through a control hub that is plugged on the wall. Another control option is through Ori’s mobile phone app or through a smart home system similar to Amazon Echo. When robotic furniture is used, a small space becomes 2 or 3 times bigger. The technology evolves for kitchens, bathrooms and general wall partitions.

Another emerging phenomenon is office furniture that is connected to the internet. When robotic and internet of things converge, it creates “architectural robotics” that can be controlled through gestures. When furniture is designed with internet connectivity, it can be called the furniture with super powers.


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