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Jan 2nd, 2016 Comments Off on Retirees Come Together For New Student Tutoring Program

Retirees Come Together For New Student Tutoring Program

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Learning should definitely be the center of every student’s life. Unfortunately, there are some situations in a student’s life that make learning very difficult. Some students just don’t work well in a classroom setting. Other student’s, on the other hand, just can’t seem to grasp a certain subject. Thankfully, when students experience difficulties in learning, they could always seek out extra learning time from tutorials so that they’d be able to overcome that certain difficulty they are experiencing.

Tutoring programs have helped countless of students all around the world. At the McCook Public Library at McCook, Nebraska, there is a tutorial program that pairs up retired teachers with students who are experiencing difficulties at school. The program consists of about 30 retirees and volunteers who tutor kids once a week at the newly remodeled basement of the library. Students who have problems with math and reading can just walk to the library as long as they have a recommendation from their teachers as well as approval from their parents.

Dan Harland, a retired physics and chemistry teacher who volunteered for the program, said that he understands how a particular subject can be hard for a student as he too had problems when he was younger. He suffered from dyslexia and his first grade teacher had to teach him how to reform the words back to their proper orders. He also explained how the program also helps not only kids but the volunteers as well. According to Harland, the program gets him out of the house and finds him someone he can teach math to. Also, it also gives him delight watching the kids light up when they get the answers right.

Kate Repass, curriculum director of McCook Schools and Central Elementary principal, said that kids do often get frustrated whenever they are unable to understand a concept but the extra time they get from tutorials help boost their confidence enabling them to tackle the subject much better. It also helps that there is less pressure during the tutorial sessions and that the setting is more laid back.

The program at first had a difficult time looking for volunteers due to conflicting schedules but now they have thought of a way to balance each and everyone’s time by taking turns each month. 26 kids are now involved in the program and they’re hoping to be more consistent in their endeavors.

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