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May 18th, 2018 Comments Off on Republicans Issuing Teacher Pay Raises, With Taxes From The Working- And Middle-Class

Republicans Issuing Teacher Pay Raises, With Taxes From The Working- And Middle-Class

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Following the recent mass strikes from teachers across the US, educators are now going back to the classrooms to teach after state legislation has allowed for a salary raise for teachers across the country. But there’s a bit of a problem, especially if you’re wondering how to get a tax ID in Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky and West Virginia: the working- and middle-class will taking it the most.

The developments followed the roiled up teachers in mostly conservative states asking for raises following decades of funding cuts for education and tax cuts that were a huge boon to large corporations and the wealthy. The lawmakers of the US were resistant in increasing funding for education in the country, but when they agree, the methods would, as further investigation show, hurt people who are already having trouble making their income work.

For Oklahoma, teachers got an average raise increase of $6,100 following a strike for nine days, which is also accompanied by a smaller raise for school support staff, plus an additional $60 million in additional funding for Oklahoma schools. However, politicians refused to follow the suggestions from teachers, to pay for the $479 million by eliminating Oklahoma’s tax deductions for capital gains investment income, or increasing taxation on high-income households.

Instead, the terms of the funding raise for education will be funded by the following:

  • An increase of tax for diesel fuel and gasoline, 6 cents and 3 cents, respectively.
  • An additional increase of $1 on cigarette taxes.
  • Allowing for more types of gambling in tribal casinos, which would increase annual tax revenue from casinos by about $22 million.
  • A new sales tax on any online purchases from third-party sellers on e-retail sites.
  • An increase in gross production taxation on any oil company drilling on public real estate, up to 5%; noted to be one of the lowest in the oil-producing states in the US.

Oklahoma’s legislators have gotten flak for shifting the weight of taxes to the lower and middle class, with many pointing on the tax cuts that the state approved of in the past, back in the mid-2000s, which helped the wealthy looking on how to get a tax ID in Oklahoma or already had one.

The other state’s changes have also been noted as regressive, similar to Oklahoma’s changes, with many of the tax burdens falling to the lower and middle class.

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