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Jun 9th, 2019 Comments Off on Replacement Pane Made Out Of Historic Tiles

Replacement Pane Made Out Of Historic Tiles

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Tile manufacturers such as Amber Tiles know the struggle when an old establishment was damaged and needs replacement tile but the type is no longer available in the market. This is the case of a building located at 210 North Front Street after it was damaged by Hurricane Florence. The downtown area of Wilmington took a hit and the particular building received some damaged which required restoration. The problem is that architects believed that it would be impossible to put it back into its original state.

According to the owners of the building, they were able to push through preserve the historic structure thanks to the help of a number of people. During the hurricane, a huge hole was left as a reminder in the building’s structure. This resulted to the loss of a window that was originally constructed using prismatic glass. The original installation was done in 1920 as estimated by experts.

The problem is that prismatic glass is no longer in production and the last was back in 1930s. Manufacture of the product was no longer continued after the introduction of electricity.

In a statement from Mary Anne Hewett, the CEO of the design firm that was put in charge of the building’s restoration, they have already accepted the fact that they won’t be able to put it back into its original glory using original glass tiles. Upon further investigation, a contractor under the design firm discovered a box filled with glass tiles that have been scattered all over the ceiling located at the top of the gift shop. Aside from relief, they were excited to know that such beautiful materials have been hiding there all along.

Using the tiles that were found, a stained glass studio was hired to recreate the new window which was eight feet long. The new window was able to restore the historic vibe of the building. The makers of the window assured that it will last for another century.

The news was such a joy to many including Amber Tiles who is a leading tile manufacturer since they know that without the hidden treasure of tiles, the historic building will never be the same again.

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