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Jan 6th, 2016 Comments Off on Recommended Gift Boxes For Subscription

Recommended Gift Boxes For Subscription

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If you are not the type of person to give a gift only during the holiday and would like to make it a monthly thing then box subscriptions is the perfect solution. It will give the sender an opportunity to send a gift to someone once a month without the hassle of picking out a gift, wrapping it and sending it for delivery. If 12 days of Christmas sounds old school then you should try the 12 months of Christmas.

The good thing about these gift boxes is that there are available options to suit the sender’s budget. If you think sending a monthly gift is too much or out of your budget then you can opt for a few months too! Here are some of the recommended gift boxes worth trying.

  • Year of Socks. You know how they say that one can never have enough socks? If you want to send someone a new pair each month then Foot Cardigan will be able to answer your request. There are various “bizarre” designs that are suited for children, men and women. If you are going to pay in full for the 12 month subscription then they will give you another month for free. The total would amount to $121 while opting for a monthly billing would charge you $12 with taxes and shipping included.
  • Year of Bling. If you know someone who is fond of designer blings and accessories then this subscription fits right in the alley. For a $19 monthly bill, the recipient will receive 3 designer blings which will be on lease for as long as two months. As soon as they want to change into something new then they can send back the items and new ones will replace them. For those who take into liking specific items, they can purchase the accessory at a discounted price given exclusively to members. This is fulfilled by Rocksbox.
  • Year of Wardrobe Consulting. For just $20 a month, Stitch Fix will assign you a stylist which will pick out and send 5 items to you every month. Members may only purchase the items they like and send back the ones they don’t want to keep. If they like not one of the picks then they can send back all the items for free but there is no returning of the fee. Since the stylist are professionals, it is impossible not to like even one.

If you think this type of gift giving is not your style then you can revert back to the old ways and buy the gift yourself, purchase a black gift box to wrap it with and send to the recipient with love.


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