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Jan 25th, 2018 Comments Off on Pros And Cons Of Internet Of Things For The Office

Pros And Cons Of Internet Of Things For The Office

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According to Chris Farhi, director of strategic consulting at Colliers International, office occupiers must consider what they hope to achieve when they invest on the Internet of Things (Io T). Interaction is workplaces can be improved through Io T but it can generate new risks like cyber-security, obsolescence and poor user uptake.

The latest high tech devices are very tempting particularly when you are planning for an office fit out or a change in premises. However, the latest and shiniest may not be suitable to you office. It is important to weigh potential benefits against risks before making an informed decision on the newest technologies.

IoT is rapidly expanding with interconnected devices allowing users to monitor, control and better understand their environments. IoT is now being integrated in various devices like security systems, environmental control systems and appliances so that they can be controlled through the internet.

However, Farhi says the adoption if IoT in offices is still in its infancy and there will more developments as the technology matures. New technologies must always be tested before making an investment. User experience is very important during evaluation to determine whether a device can work easily and seamlessly.

For example, self-scanning whiteboards usually cost a substantial amount when launched but they are awkward to use and prone to problems. Smartphones can be easily used to take a photograph of the whiteboard when the meeting ends. Another example is screen-casting that requires special software before it can be used in the meeting room.

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