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Aug 17th, 2017 Comments Off on Preventive Maintenance Before Computer Repairs In Perth

Preventive Maintenance Before Computer Repairs In Perth

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Computer repairs could mean spending money and being inconvenienced with computer downtime. You could spend on servicingand/or parts replacement and if the issue is already beyond repair, you might need to replace your computer and buy a brand new one, which is so much costly than mere repairs. To avoid having your computer idle due to repairs, you can do these preventive measures below to keep your computer up and running. But then again, when the problem is already there, computer repairs in Perth is always the best option than buying a brand new computer which usually costs a lot. With the right computer repairs in Perth to help you out, you will most likely spend less and get things going again in no time. Now with the preventive maintenance, they are as follows:

Regularly clean and maintain it

One of the important parts of a computer is its internal fan. It keeps the different parts of the computer cool during usage. Without an internal fan, your computer parts run the risk of overheating which can lead to burning or even melting of the parts. To keep your computer parts safe from overheating, dust your computer regularly to prevent its accumulation and so for air to move freely inside your computer. Send your computer to a qualified technician for professional servicing.

Only utilize licensed antivirus

Another way to prevent computer repairs in Perthis to install a licensed malware or virus protection program on the unit. Viruses and other computer threats can infiltrate your computer stealthily. You wouldn’t even know that your computer is already hijacked until it slows down. Without a reliable anti-virus program, your computer is vulnerable to threats that can paralyze your unit. Viruses can also corrupt your files which is a nightmare for online workers. Back up your files on cloud for added protection.

Get regular software update

Whenever you see recommended updates on your computer, make it a point to utilize this as it strengthens your computer software and also its different programs. Computer updates take a few minutes to an hour but it can effectively prevent computer repairs in Perth and further computer damage.Most updates can be done with a few clicks but there are updates that require a qualified computer technician to do such as for updating operating system. Consult a computer expert on how you can best protect your computer from harmful online threats.

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