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Dec 10th, 2019 Comments Off on Popular Review Sites Where Customers Can Write About Their Opinions

Popular Review Sites Where Customers Can Write About Their Opinions

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What effect can a business expect if it gets the same positive King Kong reviews that current and former employees have posted on the internet? Customers often write down their personal opinion about a business based on their experience. The reviews can be private or public on the company website or 3rd party review sites.

Positive reviews can be shared as customer testimonials during lead acquisition. The fact is 82% of consumers are influenced to buy a product after reading a positive review online. There are reviews sites for B2B and B2C businesses but there are also niche sites. For example, UrbanSpoon and OpenTable are the platforms frequently used for reviews on the restaurant industry. Check out the sites that apply a specific industry to track down reviews.

In 1995, Amazon allowed customers to post online reviews of their products. Amazon is the first online store that allowed customer reviews because it believed that reviews are important resources for customers to help them make informed purchase decisions. Products are rated on a 5-star rating scale that is broken down according to the percentage of reviews per star.

Angie’s list is a high-end review site that requires payment for membership. The reviews on US-based service businesses are often well-thought out without those ranting and raving that are quite common in other review sites. Since the reviews cannot be done anonymously, the review site avoids fake and misrepresentative reviews. Companies are allowed to respond on reviews that are about them.

Choice is an Australian-based member-funded review website that provides performance reviews to members. Most of the reviews involve testing products and services, product comparisons and models with other members. Meanwhile, Which? is an independent consumer review organization that reviews products. They test and review everything from dishwashers to tablets, cars and credit cards. It is a popular review site for consumers in the United Kingdom.

Job seekers who are searching for employment must read King Kong reviews so that they will gain an idea of the company. Employees have posted about the great company culture and supportive management. They encourage employees to give their best in order to achieve their career goals.

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