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Dec 4th, 2017 Comments Off on Police Cautioned Homeowners Regarding Unattended Parcels

Police Cautioned Homeowners Regarding Unattended Parcels

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Police are once more calling out to homeowners to be careful with their parcels from online shopping. It is the time of the year when everyone is busy buying Christmas gifts a courier company usually leaves the parcel at the doorstep when no one is around to receive it.

The warning came after footage from a doorbell camera shown a parcel theft. The video was taken in a residential home in Surrey and it shows a woman coming up to the doorsteps of the house and quickly grabbed a parcel that was left by the doormat. The woman then sprinted back to the waiting which drove off immediately.

The victim said that he wants to remain anonymous. He admitted that a few days before the theft happened, the camera system was not there. It was a recent installation. His phone received an alert that someone was at his door while working. He was appalled when he saw the footage that was recorded.

He said that he was surprised that someone was brave enough to attempt theft because their community is always busy with moms and their kids running around in daytime and dog walkers around the area.

It is timely because the holidays are when online shopping is said to be the highest. It is expected that cases of theft within this period of time will increase significantly.

Data from the Interactive Media in Retail Group showed that in 2016 there were a total of 143.9 million parcels that were sent for delivery. These parcels came from online shops and expected by the shopper before Christmas. IMRG predicted that this 2017 there will be around 175 parcels to be shipped from online sellers.

Surrey Police is currently conducting an investigation to catch the culprit. For the meantime, they recommended that the receiver should talk with the courier company so they will only deliver when the shopper is actually at home to receive the items. You can also address your parcels to other people you trust who are staying at home majority of the time. If you work during the day, you can forward your parcels to your office address to make sure these are delivered safe.


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