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Mar 21st, 2019 Comments Off on Phuket Marine Activity To Utilize Satellites

Phuket Marine Activity To Utilize Satellites

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Marine activities such as tourists hiring boat charter in Phuket is one of the province’s source of tourism revenue. This is why it is important to make sure that these local experiences are safe for foreign travellers. In a bid to ensure the safety of the tourists who indulge in such activities, Vice Governor SupojRotreuang Na Nongkhai of the province held a meeting at the Phuket Provincial Hall.

After the meeting, Vice Governor Supoj said that local authorities will be working hand-in-hand with the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency or GISTDA in order to create a system that will aid the tourism industry including the entire island.

In an announcement made by the Vice Governor, he said that the meeting with GISTDA was attended by a number of relevant government agencies. It was concluded that they are to form a working group for the project which will be spearheaded by himself. The group will make sure that GISTDA is provided with everything they will need in order to develop an advanced system that will ensure marine safety in the tourist island.

He added that the main goal of GISTDA is to give Phuket the capacity to make sure marine accidents do not happen and, in unfortunate instances when it does, proper resolution will be provided at the most efficient way possible with the help of modern equipment like satellite technology. The project will require the installation of monitoring stations within the premises of Phuket Marine Office which is located along Chalong Pier. The monitoring system will be connected to the marine traffic control system in real time.

With the data provided by the monitoring centre, the marine rescue operators stationed in Phuket will be able to respond right away and find the victims of the accident in the fastest way possible. This will also provide information such as waste water monitoring and analysis of city data.

The vice governor clarified that the main reason for the project is for the benefit of the tourism sector in the region. This will ensure guests who are booking boat charter in Phuket will feel safe as they enjoy their holidays in the island.

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