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Apr 18th, 2019 Comments Off on Parkrun Event Celebrates Couples Tying The Knot

Parkrun Event Celebrates Couples Tying The Knot

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Parkrun event is a five-kilometer race that is free and timed. This event is organized all over Australia and internationally which is usually held on a Saturday morning. This is the ideal event for people who want to meet new friends and if you are lucky you might even meet a partner. This is also an event known to wedding planner in Sydney because it is starting to trend among couples who are planning to tie the knot.

One of the couples, Renee Peirce and her husband, Ned, was able to enjoy a sunrise wedding along with 60 people who are present during the event. This was after they went for a jog at an organized parkrun in Lake Macquarie. According to the bride, they got to know each other at parkrun and they both love to run as a hobby therefore they find the event is right for their occasion.

She added that they both love to wake up early therefore they have decided to host a wedding in the morning and run five kilometers during the celebration. Many of their guests joined the run and they enjoyed champagne at the middle mark before they ran back.

The bride happily shared that her friends commented how it was one of the longest wedding ceremonies they have attended but they also had so much fun so it was a good feedback for the couple.

Another couple who tied the knot during a parkrun event was Kylie and Kiel Bigeni. The ceremony began at Port Macquarie parkrun. The bride said that they are always present at a parkrun and rarely miss the event therefore they have decided that it was the best way to start their wedding. Mr. Bigeni admitted that some of their guests were shocked by their decision as it is breaking the traditional wedding rules. Ms. Bigeni, on the other hand, believes they are a non-traditional couple. It was also the bride’s second wedding therefore they have decided to do things their way.

According to the CEO of Parkrun Australia, the Saturday morning event has witnesses a number of weddings already. Even the top wedding planner in Sydney has also known about this new trend rising among couples.

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