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Nov 24th, 2016 Comments Off on Parents Consider Apps For Homework Help

Parents Consider Apps For Homework Help

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A lot of parents are now turning to social networking sites and mobile applications in order to assist their children. They crowdsource answers for science and mathematics problems on forums and on Facebook groups for things relating to the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) or school subjects.

Forums and pages provide online help for parents of primary school students

In the past three years, five pages or more came out. There is also a Facebook page having greater than 5,400 members intended for parents that have children who will take the PSLE. Another group called the Maths Model Method-Singapore has greater than 2,000 members.

Parents take pictures of the practice papers or the school assignments and post around 20 questions each day on every group.

These questions are normally answered after a few hours by private tutors or other parents. They explain the answers with the use of equations, graphs, diagrams or bar models.

Parents mentioned that these solutions give fast relief. However, they do not let their children copy the answers without them first comprehending the steps.

Other platforms that provide online help for parents of primary school students

A group named “Homework Gods” has claimed to give test papers aside from solutions and even identify homework. From its website, it mentions that anyone is able to send questions via WeChat or WhatsApp and obtain mostly-free answers.

The people managing it declined to answer to an interview and said that they are overwhelmed with questions.

Separately, a mobile app called EduSnap provides parents and students with free answers. It has gain 10,000 users since April 2014. It allows worksheet pictures to be uploaded. Then, one waits for a reply for questions from either English, Science or Mathematics subjects. The solutions come from teachers across 4 welfare organizations and 13 tuition centers.


These forums, groups, apps and pages are just some of the innovative ways the internet is used to help parents and students with their homework. In addition to these, there are also assignment writing services that offer help for academic papers. The internet is truly becoming a vast resource full of endless opportunities for everyone.


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