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Oct 13th, 2015 Comments Off on New Look Of Miley Cyrus: Long And Brown Like The Disney Star We Loved!

New Look Of Miley Cyrus: Long And Brown Like The Disney Star We Loved!

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Miley Cyrus posted a sneak peek on Instagram last Friday of her new look for her Saturday Night Live appearance this weekend. She will be acting both as host and musical actress. She was will be acting along with Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, and Sasheer Zamata.

Fans who loves her blonde pixie look may have to wait long since the “We Can’t Stop” star posted that the long brown hair do is a debut of her dramatically different new look. The fresh style reminds netizens of Miley’s Disney days when she starred as the sweet teenager Hannah Montana. A series that played from 2006-2011 in which her character disguised with a blonde wig whenever she needs to be her superstar self.

Her “Wrecking Ball” character she introduced to the world back in 2013 made her Hannah Montana times seem like ages ago. Her aura significantly changed after cutting her long hair back in August 2012. Chris Milan did the life changing hair cut; he is also the stylist of Jennifer Aniston. Since then, Miley sported a chic pixie cut.

Meanwhile, Miley recently guested at Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. She talked about an experience with Leonardo DiCaprio during the SNL 40th Anniversary Special. She said that it looked like Leo did not learn the policy of “puff, puff, pass”. She narrated how she was around 20 feet away from Leonardo DiCaprio who was then sitting beside his mom. He was then vaping, and Miley expected him to pass it which he never did. Miley hilariously said it was weird for her.

Netizens love her new look and they are glad her tongue didn’t stick out in the picture. There are mostly praises about her long blonde hair. Some said they hope it will be the start of her transformation back to the sweet person she used to be.

The new hair style is most probably a wig, which Miley Cyrus is a fan of. She said in one interview earlier this year that bleaching hair is hard; wigs are much easier to work with rather than hair and makeup. Miley talked about her fondness of faux-hair fashion like hair extensions Leicester.

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