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Aug 14th, 2015 Comments: 0

New Device For Customized Laser Eye Surgery Developed

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The cost of laser eye surgery in Liverpool maybe high but this is only worthwhile since more and more devices and technologies are being developed when it comes to eye treatment. A company located in Santa Ana, Abbott Medical Optics, has developed a new device that is designed to make more customized treatments for patients who want to under the Lasik eye surgery. Because of this new device, the minimum age of qualified patients who can undergo the treatment may be reduced by at least three years.

The device is called Advanced WaveScan Studio System and was given the go signal by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last May of this year. It was only in June when the Abbott Medical Optics made the device available in the market.
The design of the device and the whole system was inspired by the space program in the U.S. and is considered as the brain of the treatment during the Lasik eye correction. The device will be able to make a 3D map of an individual’s eye making it possible to device a treatment that is customized to the need of a certain patient. As soon as the FDA approved the device in the U.S., China as well as Europe followed suit.

According to Dr. Leonard Borrmann who is the head of R&D in the vision sector of Abbott, the development of such device made laser eye treatment in the country more advanced. This development, in fact, made it possible for surgeons to determine the right type of treatment for each patient depending on their eye’s condition.

The technology used by the device is the same as the one used by the country’s government in generating the mirrors used by the James Webb Space Telescope which is operated by NASA. The said space telescope will be released in space this coming 2018.

Borrmann added that with the help of the iDesign technology, any minute imperfections that are present in the giant mirrors that will be used by the space telescope is detected by the technology thus a solution is performed to get them into perfection before use.

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