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Oct 8th, 2018 Comments Off on Netflix Is Taking Over The Internet

Netflix Is Taking Over The Internet

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One of the first questions that a business or leisure traveller will ask when booking for a room at a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit is whether there is free Wi-Fi. Most travellers to Bangkok want to stay connected to their family and friends and this can be conveniently provided through the in-room internet.

Meanwhile, according to the latest report from Global Internet Phenomena Report by bandwidth management company Sanvine, Netflix consumes at least 15% of the global internet traffic. Fans of movies and TV shows are enjoying video content so that nearly 58% of downstream traffic across the entire internet is being consumed by Netflix. No other service takes up more bandwidth than Netflix.

The numbers are supposed to be higher if Netflix was not careful in optimizing its content. More bandwidth will be consumed by Netflix if the videos were not efficiently compressed. It could easily be 3 times more than the current volume.

For example, the file size of the 2-hour movie Hot Fuzz when downloaded through iTunes ranges from 1.86GB for standard definition to 4.6GB for high definition. On Amazon Prime, a 2-hour movie will require 1.5GB however; the film will only take 459MB through Netflix.

During the peak watching time in the United States, Netflix accounts for 40% of the entire country’s internet traffic. Web traffic is likely to change as people adopt HD TV’s and set top boxes. Aside from Netflix, 13.1% of internet traffic is taken up by miscellaneous video embed services that are categorized as HTTP media streams. YouTube comes third at 11.4%.

On the other hand, outside of video’s dominance over downstream internet data, the report revealed that general web browsing consumes 17% of global data with gaming accounting for 7.8% and more. Surprisingly, social media platforms only take up 5.1% of the global web traffic.

If you are one of those who can’t live without the internet, do not worry because the convenient hotel in Sukhumvit offers fast internet connection. Among the deals offered include free shuttle service to BTS Skytrain Ploenchit station, 15% discount on food and beverages, 15% discount on spa treatment and 10% discount on laundry and dry cleaning services.


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