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Jun 18th, 2019 Comments Off on Motorcycle Sales In PH Not Doing Well

Motorcycle Sales In PH Not Doing Well

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Europe is doing well in terms of motorcycle sales as company like www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk is recording an increase in their revenue. The same cannot be said for a country in Asia, the Philippines. Compared to other countries in the Southeast Asian region, Philippines still need a lot of catching up with regards to its production and sales of motorcycles. Its production has decreased by 28.2 per cent while its sales have gone down 9.7 per cent. These are figures from two months according which was published by the Association of Southeast Asia Nations Automotive Federation.

The same data revealed that within four months, the country has only produced a total of 299,239 motorcycles. This is lowed compared to the 416,527 manufactured units from the same period last year.

Aside from the Philippines, Thailand was also suffering because its production within the four-month period has gone down. Last year, they were able to produce 671,008 units while this year it has gone down to 647,211 which shows a 3.5 per cent decline.

Things are going well for Malaysia which has seen an increase of 21.3 per cent. Two months ago, the recorded units were 178,823 while last year their four-month production was only 147,406 units. For the entire Asean region, the motorcycle production has decreased by 8.9 per cent. From January until April of 2019, the total number of motorcycles produced is 1.13 million while last year it was 1.23 million for the same time period.

Looking at the recorded sales, a 9.7 per cent decrease was experienced in the Philippines after selling only 451,283 units. Last year, the total units sold were 499,560. A slight decrease was also recorded in Thailand. In 2018, the sales were at 586,694 but this year it was only 582,454.

A record high was seen in other countries in Asean such as Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia based on the year-on-year report. This is good news for the market as Europe has also shown that dealers such as www.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk have also experienced a good year. Philippines is hoping to make a comeback for the remaining months of 2019 both in production and sales.

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