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Mar 30th, 2017 Comments Off on Marketing Strategies You Are Missing Out

Marketing Strategies You Are Missing Out

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Developing a marketing strategy that will be effective for you and your business can be quite a challenge much like trying to complete a puzzle. The pieces can be tricky and you might have to do trial and error and see which one will work and connect with one another.

Despite doing everything by the book – tapping marketing channels, creating a blog and posting quality content, having social media accounts and use them to interact with consumers, measure the ROI with specific marketing strategies used – you still find yourself to be lacking in terms of completing the puzzle picture.

Marketing is more challenging compared to a puzzle because the pieces remain the same while the elements of marketing are ever changing. There are new trends every year and the industry continue to grow. Here are marketing strategies that are worth trying:

  • Lead scoring. While you may be generating leads with your present tactic at marketing, you should know what to do with those leads. Lead generation is not only time consuming, it also requires resources which can result to nothing if the leads do not get you somewhere. This is where lead scoring comes in. Through this, you will be able to identify leads that are worth pursuing and those that will more likely lead to sales. Lead scoring can be done in two ways – traditional and predictive. Traditional is the manual method wherein you have to check the details provided and see if the lead is worth pursuing. Predictive method utilizes software that operates through criteria. This is ideal if you have database with thousands of leads to go through.
  • Story telling should capture the readers’ attention. When they visit the website’s About Page, they should not have an impression that they are reading a sales pitch but rather a captivating content. It should be professionally done with a hint of personal appeal. This will also build emotional relationship between the brand and the consumers.
  • Focus on remarketing. You might have lured a customer before but never got a sales result because something might have been missing with the marketing strategies used at that time. Remarketing is done to customers that were not converted at first. The technology acts like a cookie that will monitor the buyer’s activity online and reintroduce your presence to them in a subtle manner.


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