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Dec 3rd, 2014 Comments Off on Marketing A Brand Through Instagram

Marketing A Brand Through Instagram

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Instagram is no longer simply a platform for sharing photos of your memorable moments. While Instagram pales in comparison to Facebook, some brands have been able to establish a solid presence on the web through Instagram. In fact, most Instragram users understand how easy it is to get likes and comments from followers. This is the reason why many big brands are now posting high quality photographs and 13-second videos on the social media sharing site.

Brands on Instagram

Microsoft – surprising but true. Microsoft has recently announced that it will be hiring photojournalists to travel all over the world looking for photos wherein scientists, artists, entertainers and inventors are using Microsoft as a tool of the their trade.

Starbucks – is known all over the world and it is expected that this coffee giant has an overwhelming number of images of cappuccinos and lattes it can share on Instagram. Checkout Starbuck’s Instagram account and you will find the various comments of its passionate followers on how Starbucks has become a significant part of their daily life.

National Geographic – is another brand that is clearly dominating Instagram through its renowned scientific and educational photographs. The pictures posted are incomparable and 9 million followers of the brand are treated to a guided tour of the world.

GoPro – makes it easier to capture the world through its versatile cameras and mounts with accessories available for almost any kind of activity. GoPro leverages on the photographs taken by its sports enthusiasts by making a nice job of posting them on Instagram. There is a very good chance that some exciting photographs on sky diving, skiing or surfing have been captured by the cameras.

Timberland – everybody knows the brand that has produced quality leather boots. You will certainly be surprised on how well these boots look in Instagram. A variety of Timberland boots have been modeled in some picturesque settings and it is very likely that you seen them at one time or another.

Ellen Degeneres Show – you are probably one of those who are following the Ellen Degeneres show just to have some good laughs. Whether Ellen is posing for a selfie or a group photograph with her guests on the show, every post on Instagram will make you smile.

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